Social Responsibility
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The Company makes efforts to provide customers with professional services, to create a good return for shareholders, to grow together with the partners, to provide staff with space for development, to create values in line with ethical values for the society, and to actively undertake the social responsibility to stakeholders, strives to realize the harmonious development of the company and customers, shareholders, partners, employees and the society, and to make more people live a better-quality life.
Responsibility to customers
To continuously improve customer service ability, and realize harmony and win-win with the customers
As a supply chain operator, the Company has many years of experience, sound business network, advanced logistics facilities and good corporate reputation. The Company pays attention to the integrated construction of its supply chain, constantly improves its customer service ability, and maintains a good cooperative relationship with customers and better safeguard the rights and interests of customers in accordance with the principles of honesty and trustworthiness, mutual benefit and win-win, legal and compliance transactions.
Responsibility to employees
Care for employees, pay attention to talent training, provide broad development space for employees
The Company has always considered talent as the key of enterprise development, attaches great importance to the cultivation of talents, staff training and career development, sufficiently protects the legal rights and interests of workers, actively gives play to the active role of employees in the company management, realizes common growth of the employees and the Company, makes development of the Company benefit all employees, and builds up the harmonious and stable labor relations.
Responsibility to the society
Pay taxes in good faith and contribute to society
As a major taxpayer in Fujian province, the Company has been honored as a major taxpayer in Siming District of Xiamen city for many years by paying taxes in good faith.
Be enthusiastic about social welfare
It has become part of the corporate culture of C&D to devote itself to public welfare, fulfill corporate social responsibility and contribute to the society. As C&D continues to grow in business, its mission and actions of devoting itself to public welfare have not stopped. In 2019, the Company donated 1.45 million Yuan to public welfare.
Responsibility to the environment
Actively participate in the environmental protection industry, energy conservation and emission reduction initiatives, and green public welfare to promote sustainable development
The Company has realized the importance of energy saving to its own development and social sustainable development, and takes energy saving as an important means of cost control and takes the initiative to undertake environmental protection responsibility.
The company advocates green living and actively promotes green production, striving to becoming a leading enterprise in green supply chain
Future Outlook
Enable more people to live a better life
In the future, the Company will continue to fulfill its social responsibility as a corporate citizen and closely combine its business development with social development as always. It will gradually establish a corporate social responsibility management system to enable more people to live a better life.