All scenario coffee service provider
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Integrate leading industrial resources
Provide all scenario coffee service
Integrate industry head resources
Full coffee scene service is provided
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To meet the needs of various scenarios with a variety of coffee solutions
Through global selection of raw materials, precise product orientation, whole-process quality control, global resources allocation, fine sales and operation and exclusive custom service, we provide coffee solutions with good quality, good taste, good service and good experience to satisfy consumer demands in multiple scenarios, such as large commercial scenario, general commercial scenario, special commercial scenario and personal household consumption and so on.
Integrate leading industrial resourcesProvide all scenario coffee service
Registration of our own brand INFO Coffee
It is a brand new attempt to apply our over 40 years’ experience in global industrial chain resources and supply chain integration management ability to C-end retail market, and we carefully create coffee products suitable for Chinese people by selecting high-quality raw materials from all over the world.
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